Alchemy, Water, Rebirth & Renewal

How Do You Foster Imagination?

Get inspired!

In 2003 I was inspired by the multimedia project of producers Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman, the British electronic music duo of 1 Giant Leap fame.

They produced a project that Charles deLedesma from NPR’s All Things Considered described as an album and DVD that had – an uphill marketing struggle… because it isn’t easily pigeonholed. But that’s its real strength, too. The production presents a luscious, cohesive collection of images, ideas and extremely beautiful world music, which flows here with the voices of three continents.

More about 1 Giant Leap >>>

The scene with the Maori's of New Zealand is my favorite piece.

At the time I was studying Alchemy at Pacifica Graduate Institute on my way to a doctorate. This was a very short film narrative charting the stages one most move through in alchemy. Transformation is the result.

My very special thank you to 1 Giant Leap for the bit's and pieces of music and imagery and the continued inspiration they produce in me.

Highly Recommended!

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