Bret Alderman, Ph.D. Reached out with some #BookMarketing Questions

9781138926295-1Hi Michael,

You and I spoke of the possibility of having my new book Symptom, Symbol, and the Other of Language featured on the IAJS website, which I would love to see happen.
It’s publication date has been moved up to January 6, 2016, right around the corner! It’s in the same series as Elizabeth Brodersen’s The Laws of Inheritance, which I see is on the website homepage.

Dear Bret, congratulations! Wow how fabulous, I would be delighted to put your book up on the IAJS website. It is in my schedule to do today.

 And, yes you are right I have become an expert at book marketing. Here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Speak about your book online at every opportunity, always include a hyperlink to where it is available for purchase.
  2. Don’t sell, i.e., “Buy my book” Inform instead. Deliver wisdom form passages in the book instead
  3. I would recommend our own @AUTHORSWEEK Front page exposure and 30 curated tweets to 500K over 1 month for $20. Sign up here >>> Steven Herrmann’s book Spiritual Democracy is currently experiencing a real bump in social media exposure.
  4. What is your KLOUT score? Do you know? It’s very important to get it up >>> Social influence is going to become the currency for a successful future.
  5. Work your twitter account, very powerful. Again, don’t sell or preach, inform and educate. Always reference where the book is for sale using Bitly links. >>> Start tracking your outbound communications.
  6. We have a very innovative technology that rapidly builds Twitter followers in your field. >>> When you use this in a year you will have 18K + or – followers or fans in your field. Your KLOUT score will have risen and it may deliver your next career option. With 18K or so followers you have built your own distribution network, your Tweets and retweets will be exposed to 10’s of thousands of people. It’s your audience, you can market your book, your translation services etc.
  7. Depending how you want to grow I would then recommend a landing page, to market a very focused product or service offer. Think of your translation service as a service. >>> Check out the marketplace for Therapy templates, and book marketing templates. It’s an entire, easy to use eco-system. We are developers for them and highly recommend the platform.
  8. Lastly if you really want to accelerate converting your connections into money. Let me recommend our appointment and payment system. We install it for you, it lives on your website, or LeadPages template, see it in action on our own website >>> or on one of our therapists sites >>> You achieve outstanding results because bottom line, your prospective client can immediately contact you, or book a free strategy session, or book a consulting session and pay immediately. Your “Call to Action” has become immediate and simple to access. All of this is mobile responsive, available on all smart devices and managed by you from anywhere.
I trust this has been informative, do reach out if you have any questions.
Dr Michael Glock