Can You Spot These Problems With Building Wealth?

In 2014 we Designed & Published

The Real Wealth Workbook

A Performance Innovation Practice for real Estate Agents

Authored by Rochelle L. Cook, Dr Michael Glock
First Edition: 1

We used CreateSpace to publish the book. What a delightful experience, easy, strait forward, quick to market, in a nutshell: EFFORTLESS!

The Real Wealth program and Workbook is a striking example of how all prosperity or lack of prosperity is a product of the formidable forces of your subconscious mind.

This workbook if used daily for one year will show you how your subconscious actually works as a goal engine. Your subconscious mind will be re-programmed to achieve whatever level of success, happiness and prosperity you were programmed out of from childhood onwards. So what is it that you long for? More sales, more money a better lifestyle, financial security, consistency! Every month, every year being a good year! The REAL WEALTH Program places you squarely in charge of resetting your subconscious mind to achieve those goals and attract those opportunities instinctively.


This was a project we designed for Real Estate agents in Seattle USA. It was one of about 25 projects on CreateSpace we worked on around this time. CreateSpace is a superb platform, with excellent worldwide distribution of your project through Amazon.

Here is the book available on CreateSpace and here on Amazon.

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