DestinyOS Integrates Pinterest, Website and Email Marketing Together

DestinyOs by Michael Glock Ph.D.

DestinyOS was published in May of 2017, the author (Michael Glock Ph.D) also built a platform to market the book. One key component of the initiative was Pinterest. Why?

3 Features to Appreciate about Pinterest

Bloom Factor (parent of Bloom Factor Press) uses Pinterest to

  1. Generate referral traffic and enhance business growth, gain new subscribers and book sales.
  2. One board is on Book Covers, potential clients can do research on 1000’s of curated book images to get ideas
  3. Another board is on curated Journal, Notebook and Sketchbook entries.

Look at this blog entry linking all of these together on the author’s website. At the bottom of the post you have a link to the sales page of the book on Amazon.

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