Have you seen a typical acceptance letter from a major publisher?

Before a book is published by a major publisher, it must be accepted by the editorial board.

Elizabeth Brodersen and myself (Michael Glock) co-edited a book based on a IAJS conference held in Phoenix Arizona in 2007. After the conference we offered participants the ability to be published. We had prior to the conference put our feelers out and checked in with Routledge ( a Taylor & Francis Group company) to see if they would be interested. The answer was yes! The IAJS conferences often attracts  PhD., students, those soon to be candidates from the humanities, as well as emerging academics and professionals. Being accepted to be published is an honor, and for some, it is the first entrance into a lifetime of academic achievement and publishing.

Here’s the acceptance for the project!

Ms. Brodersen and myself received this letter from Taylor & Francis for our co-editing project in mid 2015 “Phoenix Rising: Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal.” You’ll see the royalty amounts, these are also pretty typical.


Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal acceptance letter from Taylor & Francis

The final cover art was approved by us (Elizabeth Brodersen Ph.D. and Michael Glock Ph.D.) the editors in March 2016.

Phoenix Rising Book Cover
Phoenix Rising Jungian perspectives on rebirth and renewal.

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