We Analyzed 10 Book Lovers And Here's What We Found

They Want to Write, Publish & Build a Following!

It may not be as complicated as you think. If you break the process down into parts, you can easily accomplish your goals.

Here is how we do it at Bloom Factor Press. Phase 1: We will build you a quality network of Twitter followers. Phase 2: We'll take your knowledge, expertise & book or book idea and match you up with a ghost writer or editor, then design and produce your book. Phase 3: We'll launch your book on AUTHORSWEEK & design and build an authors website, landing page, lead magnet and engage in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing for 6 Months.

What You Should Know About Book Marketing!

A Marvelous Plan Produces Exceptional Book Cover Designs, Straightforward Production, Influential Marketing and an Uncomplicated Author Platform that's Easily Managed.


Do you need an editor or ghost writer? How do you write a book proposal? What is the easiest method to self-publish?


We'll help you with strategizing the best way to write, or finish, or polish and position your project. What is the best design, production & marketing approach?


Social media marketing is your key to global success! We have programs and systems for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Author Platform

Do you need an author or expert's website? A landing page, an irresistible marketing bribe and some email marketing automation? Consult with us for DIY options or we'll handle it for you.


Do you want to convert your book, your knowledge and authority into a workbook, into a program & deliver it online: as courseware? We have DIY, and managed options. What is best for you?

Membership Sites

Take your years of experience & slice and dice it into a profitable online membership program. Create programs to teach your method or share your expertise. Charge a monthly fee, deliver free & paid content.

Clear Strategy!

We deliver consulting services based on our years of experience. The sessions are packed full of valuable strategy directions, design ideas & access to production resources.

From direction to book or program or courseware design, to social media marketing and authority platform development. We have elegant solutions or we can consult & advise for DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions.

Direction 89%
Design 78%
Production 90%
Marketing 82%

Completed projects


Paragraphs & Code


Clients this year


Number of Tweets



"I first met Dr. Glock as a volunteer with the Marina del Rey Historical Society where his innovative thinking quickly solved a problem that had dogged the society since it was formed five years ago. He simultaneously designed our website and our system for digitizing and distributing material from the extensive archives. A year later I had the pleasure of his company and huge benefit of his knowledge and many abilities in guiding the development of a large publishing project and its accompanying website. I have not only been extremely satisfied with all of Michael Glock's work but I have been astounded by his intellectual depth and the breadth of his knowledge and skills. He will certainly be a great asset to any project in which he participates."

"Our experience has been superb; Michael is diligent and responsive, accurate and comes up with sensible, targeted solutions which helped our organisation's membership to grow and keeps everyone reassured."

"I recently worked with Michael and it was a great experience. Such a pleasant person to work with. He developed a very compelling website. As a photographer and filmmaker it's my most important tool for advertising and showing my work and Michael work has really made a difference. I totally recommend his work to anyone wanting to improve their business!"

"We are co-members of the executive committee of the International Association of Jungian Studies and are currently putting together the programme for the upcoming IAJS 2014 conference in Phoenix. Michael has designed the web-site for the conference programme and has shown great initiative and innovative skills. He is an efficient, popular and responsive member of the conference committee, deftly and quickly ironing out any difficulties in the planning process. I enjoy working with him as do others on the Phoenix conference programme committee, as well as within the IAJS EC."

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Michael. I was exploring building an online business marketing to elder care. He is a strategic thinker and a very creative mind. He made the process very simple and thorough. Michael was a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend using Michael for any of your online business and marketing needs."

"When I met Dr. Michael Glock, I had a few ideas but did not know how to get them accomplished. He quickly understood the missing link and helped me visualize and act on the steps of my projects. Bloom Factor is a great name because of the effects of the my work after I met with them. It saved me money in the end by learning and using efficiency and getting the support I needed to get the projects up and running. So worth it."

I knew from the second I discovered this Platform that my email list was going to see some serious growth. From Day One, that's exactly what happened. I've used the OS for my coaching services and book launches, marketing my weekend retreats, trainings, sales pages, free giveaways and thank you pages—you name it.

"I could not have accomplished my project without Bloom Factor press's expert guidance and handholding along the way"

Client satisfaction

Dr. Glock architected and oversees the interface to the International Association of Jungian Studies website. Additionally he has introduced protocols enabling us, for the first time to construct a conference website, which we will be able to use for future gatherings.

He is a wonderful resource; capable, trustworthy and able to problem solve quickly. Working together has been great & I see his work with the IAJS as longstanding."

~ Stephani S. Australia.




• Book design
• Production
• Set up & launch on Amazon KDP



• Everything in Publishing
• $5999 upfront & $499/mo., therafter for 12 months
• Website and landing page
• Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin
• Lead magnet
• List building
• Email automation Account
• +$199/mo., after 12 mon.