How do I move from a practice to being an expert authority.

Dear Angie, think about your future state. Imagine it and write it down as a scenario.

This is how you move from the present into the future. It is a process of letting go of fate and taking control of your destiny!

Read my book on how to do exactly that! DestinyOS! (Shameless plug) 

It's straight forward! Start with a funnel drawing, add all of the assets, and skills and PR you have had, add in your talents, mission , vision and love you have. Distill it all down into one website with links to everything. Use a system like GetResponse to collect the names and email addresses of everyone you come into contact with. Place the forms on your new site and all your existing properties.

You are building an authors platform, it will eventually look like DestinyOS's and The Soul's Coach.

What is an author platform?

It always starts with a story, what is yours? Here are the steps to follow >>>

But, before you get here you need to write a book...

How to Write a Book

It's a step-by-step process!

  • Name the book
  • Collect and collate the snippets, dreams, insights all the 10,000 things
  • Take all the blogs you've written and weave them together, your book may be in plain site
  • Decide on making it a “How To” not a memoir, (otherwise you would have been a screenwriter)
  • Define your style, is it empowering, aware, conscious, witty...
  • Understand that you will be crafting a book, a workbook and journal
  • You are designing a system, a sharp set of tools for someone to accomplish…
  • Outline the chapters, understand the arc of the work
  • Collate the 10,000 things drop them into the appropriate chapters
  • Write the connecting threads, weave the book into shape

Don't stress out! Make it a journal with lots of blank pages, use lots of white space, create exercises.

If you have not read REWORK, get it and read it.

Work with us and we can guide you along bringing your book to fruition. 


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