My DestinyOS Launching Early 2017

In 2016, Bloom Factor Press

The Production Process for My DestinyOS

Dr. Glock’s book My DestinyOS is reaching the final stages of production, including the front and back cover designs. The final draft of the manuscript was completed on December 20 by the editor. We look forward to sharing the final completed project. But before we get there we have several more stages to navigate.

The next stage of the process includes fine-tuning the chapter headings and creating the Table of Contents (TOC). The author will then package this version and distribute it to various academics, professors, and professionals and friends for comments and feedback. Testimonials will be collected and added to the back cover. A forward still needs to written as well as a dedication and perhaps even an afterword.

After this, the project is shipped off to be typeset. Bloom Factor Press suggests various font pairings based on the front cover design and choice of typefaces. In this case the headline “My DestinyOS” on the front cover is set in a strong modern serif face – Gobold Bold. The authors name on the bottom of the cover is in Gobold Bold Italic and the body copy on the back cover is in Neuton light, regular, bold and italic.

On return from typesetting as an Adobe inDesign file, the project re-eners Bloom Factor Press’s production stream. The files are flight checked, any and all final edits are made and the book is uploaded into the Publishers POD (Publishing On Demand), back end system. Bloom Factor Press works with several different POD printers, each has different methods and protocols for managing this stage of the process. In this case this book will be published with CreateSpace, an Amazon company. It will be set up for global retail distribution and for sale at wholesale prices accessible by retailers and libraries of academic institutions and universities. Dr Glock has opted to have Bloom Factor Press handle all these details and receive a royalty paid out quarterly.

Managed or DIY Services Offered

Bloom Factor Press also offers consulting service and the opportunity to have the back end systems set up but managed ongoingly by the author. No royalties are then received as the author sets their own price and receives all profits.

After the project is released and available the next phase of the project for the author begins.

Marketing & Author Platform Building

Shoot over here and see how Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., known as The Soul’s Coach accomplished some of the necessary steps.

P.S. This post was written on December of 2016

Oh what a difference a month makes to the design of the cover. Here is the latest V6


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