Social Influence – Top 60 Influencers

What is it and how do you measure it?

Dr. Jim Barry’s Social Content Marketing uses the Klout score in order to evaluate personalities in four categories of social influence. Insightful, engaging, Entertainers and Charismatics. Which category would you be in?

The infographic shows your the Klout score of the top 60 influencers (Dec 2015).

Improving and maintaining a high Klout score must now be a part of your reputation management and social influence. Bloom Factor has a system to grow your fan base and build up your KLOUT score.

The Klout score is a number between 1 and 100.  uses 400 plus signals from eight different networks to build a profile of your social influence. It is updated daily. If you are building your business, or personal brand build your Klout score up.

Social Influence. The top 60 influencers

What is Social influence?

Social influence is a by product of implementing our system to grow your fan base on Twitter by connecting to potential fans in your field. How we do this is by tracking hashtags. Who is this perfect for #lawyers, #Authors #ExpertAuthorities, #Therapists and #Counsellors.

Do you know what archetype you are?

The top social media influencers come in various flavors. Are you an #Evangalist ( my favorite has always been Guy Kawasaki). He has 146 Million followers and a Klout score of 87 (Measured on Dec 19 2015). Compared to mine of 61.

Or are you an #Educator, or #Motivator or Mentor? Think of yourself as a brand, which of these qualities do you identify with. If you are a business and you are engaged in inbound marketing and content marketing, which of these archetypes fits the best?

4 Archetypes of Top Social Media Influencers

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