The latest issue of the IAJS Journal is published!

Guest editors: Elizabeth Brodersen, Stephani Stephens and Michael Glock

Selected papers presented at the IAJS conference in 2014 at ASU in Arizona make up this issue.
Fascinated with Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies at an academic level? IAJS membership is open to analysts and psychotherapists as well as people from artistic or cultural practice or discipline.
Membership privileges include subscription to the journal. Access too online seminars, local and international seminars and publishing opportunities.  A discussion forum delivers intellectual exploration and deep insights. Often breaking the latest news on Jungian related books, research, events, issues and advances.
Annual membership costs are ($90) Sapphire or ($45) Emerald, for those without an income.
Not a member, but still want your own issue! Individual copies of the journal may be purchased from Taylor & Francis here.
As a member you do receive two or three issues of the journal annually.

P.S. If you purchased this one title from Taylor & Francis the cost is $147. If you joined the IAJS for $90 (USD) you would receive by mail two or three issues per year. (Currently three issues as of April 2016).


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