What is an Author Platform?

In the beginning is always a story

Imagine you are at a personal or professional crossroads. Perhaps you gained your doctorate in clinical psychology long after you received your Marriage Family Therapy license, (MFT). Your practice has always thrived because before being a counselor and clinician you were a successful movie director. But, just telling good stories that were filled with drama and shadowy characters playing out there pathologies wasn’t satisfying.

You wanted to make a difference and impact real people struggling to find a way in the world.

You left filmmaking, went back to school and became a successful therapist working with clients from the “insane” film industry. Writers with writer’s block, Directors who had lost their Midas touch, anxious agents, depressed developers and producers, axed studio heads. This period was a crossroads and now you are in another.

You are not seeing as many patients now, you have a website, you have been an expert witness and your perceptive insights about celebrity behavior have been published in many places including the New York Times, CNN and Forbes.

What’s next?

The final frontier! An Author’s Platform. You’ve had a full and rich life, from coaching Olympic athletes to mastering a Doctorate. Now is the time to look back and over your life. Collate and collect the stories that drove you forward. Witness and document the significant moments where breakthroughs occured for you, and for your clients. It is the same moment of significance and power, as when, the the Scarab beetle hit the stained glass window of Jung’s therapy room.

You turn towards one path.

Writing the book that must, now be written. Simultaneously you begin building your Authors Platform by engaging in…

Social Media

  • Building fans on your Twitter account
  • Actively engaging in social media, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, using two tools, DrumUp and Buffer.

Then you..

Write a Book: a step-by-step process!

  • Name the book
  • Collect and collate the snippets, dreams, insights all the 10,000 things
  • Decide on making it a “How To” not a memoir, (otherwise you would have been a screenwriter)
  • Define your style, empowering, aware, conscious, witty
  • Understand that you will be crafting a book, workbook and journal
  • You are designing a system, a sharp set of tools for someone to accomplish…
  • Outline the chapters, understand the arc of the work
  • Collate the 10,000 things drop them into the appropriate chapters
  • Write the connecting threads, weave the book into shape

Now Four months have now gone by and… 

  • Hire an editor or act as your own editor
  • Move into the final stage of the manuscript.
  • Send the draft out for feedback and request feedback and testimonials
  • Request a forward to be written by…

Six months after you declared your own Kennedy style moonshot you hand the manuscript over to…

Bloom Factor Press

They work with you creatively, designing the front and back cover, typesetting the manuscript; they handle all the production and set up your account on CreateSpace, an Amazon company. This process takes one month and then the first proofs are ordered. The proofs are reviewed, corrections are made, followed by a full launch, including into all institutional libraries worldwide. Depending on the package you ordered from Bloom Factor Press: Social, Publishing or Marketing the project is now complete and/or the platform was being built simultaneously. If so, your Platform now becomes a “force!” A method to strategically build your authority and influence and leverage this power to build a passive and residual income.

 Recent book, workbook and journal and an integrated website http://thesoulscoach.com/ project.

The Authors Platform

Platform is a simple concept that arose sometime in the 1990’s it was associated with non-fiction authors. Publishers screened emerging authors and evaluated them to see if they had any visibility and/or media traction. They wanted to see if an author had a following. Fast forward to 2017, now we have social media and it has become a force in it’s own right, arguably tipping general elections and delivering the power to build vast and global audiences.

As an established or emerging author you need to build your own brand and network, you need to build your own audience, your own fan base and followers. Then, as now, publishers seek writers, speakers, workshop leaders and retreat facilitators with credentials and authority. The task is to become visible to your target market as an expert, thought leader, futurist or professional.

Visibility means:

  • What community are you a part of?
  • Where does your work appear?
  • Who do you influence?
  • You need quantitative (list size, number of followers) and qualitative evidence (quality reviews, a-list endorsements etc.)
  • Managing and marketing to your list.

The Bloom Factor Press Author Platform includes

  • An integrated robust website
  • Build your audience with articles, audio, and video, grow your email list faster, earn more with marketing automation
  • Craft killer landing pages, start profitable membership programs, sell online courses and digital products, and much more.)
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest social media marketing
  • Lead magnets, ethical opt in bribe design
  • Email marketing automation (A GetResponse account)

Never waste valuable time searching for plugins, worrying about themes, or understanding complicated code … and forget hosting, maintenance, and security updates. Our motto is to have you focus on your business more, and less on the technology. Everything is included in the first year including management and training. Think of this as a full year of onboarding while you master the platform. In the beginning of the second year the lowered monthly cost covers hosting, email automation systems and the integrated platform. Operations and  management becomes your responsibility. Bloom Factor Press however does have ongoing operations and management packages available.

Passive income

For many this is the Holy Grail.

After a lifetime of daily routines the Platform delivers a passive income from multiple sources! How?

  • Book, workbook journal sales (Managed via your own dashboard on CreateSpace)
  • Speaking engagements
  • Workshop programs, 1, 2, 3 and 7 day retreats based on the workbook.
  • Engage in book signings
  • Membership site, access to free information, audio podcasts, videos, plans, blueprints, formulas, insights, therapy scripts etc. All available fro a monthly fee
  • Forums to help you build a tribe.
  • Courseware and programs based on the book and workbook, with video, audio files PDF’s

What activities build an Author Platform?

Platform building requires dedicated, consistent effort. It also means practicing kaizan, daily incremental improvements in enhancing your reach, authority and network. It’s about delivering valuable content to your target market. Making a difference in your niche!

Steps required to grow your platform.

  • Publishing and distributing your ideas and concepts, actively engaging in social media.
  • Continually producing a growing body of well branded work on your own platform—e.g., blog, e-mail newsletter, social network, podcast, video, digital downloads, etc.—that gathers quality followers or a community of people who are interested in what you have to say.
  • Speaking engagements, networking at and/or attending events to enroll potential clients and extend your network
  • Finding meaningful ways to engage with and develop your target audience, whether through content, events, online marketing/promotion, etc.
  • Partnering with peers or influencers to tackle a new project and/or extend your visibility.

You don’t build a platform overnight—unless you are an overnight success. Platform is not something you can buy— Being able to repeatedly reach and speak to people who know you and trust you is meaningful, this is what makes the difference.

If you are a professional or already have an accomplished career or hold a recognized position with powerful contacts and influence, if you know key influencers (celebrities, actors, directors, friends in high places), if you are associated with powerful communities, (Hollywood) if you have prestigious degrees or credentials—yes, you play the field at an advantage. This is why it’s so easy for celebrities to get book deals. They have a “built-in” platform.

Some of what we offer is currently unavailable, here are the packages >>>

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