Why do I need Klout™?

What's my Klout™ scroe?

Why influence matters and how to increase it

Klout's website states that: The Klout Score isn’t the average of your influence across all your networks, it’s the accumulation. This is precisely why it is worth your time to participate on more social networks, this way you don’t just increase your score, you also become known as an expert and authority, making you more of an influencer and sought after.

Why does this influence matter? The marketing landscape is changing, we find ourselves looking at brands being represented by marketers, or marketers speaking for themselves but about the products and brands that matter. It is pivotal for you as a marketer to be engaged, and Klout is a great way to keep track of what is happening.

Klout gives you, as a growing influencer, the ability to keep track of the content that you put out there. You can see exactly what content is doing best, what your recent activity looks like, what is the overall network contribution to your score, and most of all Klout gives your suggestions based on your interests.

Your Klout score matters because it is a measure of your influence. 

Do you know your Klout score?

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